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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Brusha Brusha Brusha

Gwessa Whatta?

I got a domain!  Yuppers, I do do do!  A gift from a friend!  Waasn't that just awesomely sweet of her?  SOOOOOOOOOOO...guessa what I am a doing-uh?  Learning...unsuccessfully at the moment actually, word press! 

So what does that have to do with you??????  Welp, you can hop on ovah to my new domain of course!  Oh yeah, you need the url...Duh!

**slapping self upside the head**


Mark your bookmarks.  You may just wanna keep my blogdrive in your bookmarks though (if you have them thar in the first place that is...) just in case I screw up something and blow up the site over at monileigh.com.  Okie dokie wokie?

Anywho, from now on I will be blogging over there at monileigh.com...unless as mentioned above it spontaniously combusts on me which is a very doable thing with my Murphys Law tattoo and all ya kwim?

Ok, enough bad grammer.  Have a great day ya'll and see ya on the flip side!

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